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AC Current Transducers and Switches, cs-, sc-, xd, cs-450, cs-451, cs450, cs451, cs-452, cs452, sc-550, sc550, sc-551, sc551, sc552, sc-552, sc575, sc-575, cs410. cs-410, sc510, sc-510, xd10, xd-10, xd19, xd-19

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 Features  CT Style Current Transducers & Switches  Easy and Economical to use  Moulded Case Insulation to 600VAC  Standard Ring Type or Split Core Versions  0-5VDC & 0-10VDC Output Versions  Loop Powered 4-20mA Output Version  Solid State Relay Output Versions  Most Versions Selectable Input Ranges  High Accuracy

AC Current Transducers & Switches