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bases and sockets, PYF-14AEW, PYF-14BE, PF-14BE/3, PI-35BE, PI-35BE/3, PF-113BE, PF-083BE, PI-50BE

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TYPE: PYF-14AEW - Our most popular 14 pin socket, complete with a fixed marker tab and a screw driver release tab. TYPE: PYF-14BE & PYF-14BE/3 - High sided 14 pin sockets with tunnel clamps. A triple deck version, the PYF-14BE/3 allows segregation of voltages, coil terminals being on one side with two A2 terminals. All changover terminals on the opposite side. TYPE PI-35BE - Fully protected 5 pin relay base. The PI-35BE has rising tunnel style clamps. The PI-35BE is for use with the RTB14 and RTB74 relays. TYPE PI-50BE & PI-50BE/3 - Fully protected 8 pin relay base. The PI-50BE and PI-50BE/3 has rising tunnel style clamps. The PI-50BE/3 is a triple deck base with the coil connection on one side of the base and all the change over terminals on the other side, thus achieving voltage segregation. The PI-50BE and PI-50BE/3 is for use with the RTD14 and RTE24 relays. TYPE PF-083BE (8PIN) & PF-113BE (11PIN) - Fully protected sockets with coil and common terminals at one end and the change overs pairs at the other end side by side, thus enabling very easy wiring changes and corrections. The terminals are rising style tunnel clamps, up to 2 x 2.5mm cables can be accepted. The sockets also have a white marking area. TYPE PYF-08AE - Our 8 pin socket to compliment the TRP3125 relay.

Bases and Sockets