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CEWE INSTRUMENT, Electrical Transducers - CEWE INSTRUMENTS, DI11, DI01, DI02, DU11, DU01, DU02, DU61, DU62, DP, DQ, DPQ, DF, DPF, DIF,

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In this section the wide range of CEWE INSTRUMENT BLUE MODULE Transducers is described - these are suitable for DIN-rail mounting. Owing to their excellent performance and high reliability (e.g. a MTBF of 40 years for current transducers) CEWE INSTRUMENT transducers are now used by power utilities and industry in over 20 European countries as well as in other parts of the world. The output from our transducers are, within certain limits, independent of load. The load limits are given on the data sheets. The load impendence is obtained by feedback of the output signal to the input of the amplifier. These transducer characteristics give great advantages among which the most important are:-  Measuring unit can be measured over relatively long distances.  Within the framework of permitted output signal loadings, several measuring or registration units can be connected simultaneously to the same transducer. No special tuning is required.  They have a wide range of applications because of there high accuracy and the fact that they are approved in accordance with interference tests IEC 255 -5 and -6, both for input and output signals.

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