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Multifunction metering Cube 350, cube350, cube-350/485, KWh, volts, amps, power factor, KW, KVArh, frequency, Modbus, Harmonics, RS485

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A Din 96mm digital electronic multifunction energy meter with dual pulse outputs as standard for interfacing with BMS systems. The CUBE 350 is equally suitable for single phase and three phase loads, both 3 wire or 4 wire balanced or unbalanced. The meter is designed to measure accurately all types of loads inductive or resistive and electronically controlled loads. The CUBE 350 benefits from fully isolated current inputs and to aid commissioning the meter also has fitted three "phase indicator lights" on the front of the meter. A high speed internal RS485 MODBUS communications option allows all displayed information plus additional information (see specifications below) to be read remotely. Also available is a Harmonics option, this information is obtained via the RS485 MODBUS. NOTE, the CUBE 350 is available in standard executions ie, 400/415V L-L and 230VAC aux supply with 5Amp CT inputs. Non standard input voltages such as 100V L-L and 1Amp CT inputs are only available for large quantities. For smaller quantities please use the MULTICUBE range.

CUBE 350