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DC Multi Display Power Meter, VAW, digital display, rs485

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DC Multi display power meter with relay outputs, analogue signal output, RS485 A Din 96x48mm multi display DC power meter. Measuring, displaying and communicating DC voltage, current, instantaneous power (Watts/KW), import and export Wh/KWh along with hours run. The voltage, current and power parameters also have max and min value recording during power on. The meter has the possibility for specifying up to 4 relay outputs including pulse outputs. The relays can be determined as set points for any of the parameters either low or high. In addition an analogue output also can be requested which can be assigned to any of the instantaneous measured parameters. Lastly, along with all the above mentioned outputs, RS485 MODBUS RTU communications can also be specified. The VAW meter is particularly suitable for solar energy and wind energy systems, along with electroplating, battery and transport applications. A particular feature of this meter which is especially relevant in "green energy" applications, is that after a certain time of no operator interaction with the meter, the meter enters a "switch down" mode and reduces the power to the LEDs, thus saving money.