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MID, kwh, Direct Connected KWHr meters, EEM12-32A, EEM, EEM34-3x65A, EEM34D, EM34D

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 Features  Din Rail Mounting  Suitable for Consumer Unit Mounting  3 Phase & 1 Phase Versions  Direct Connected no CTs Required  Most Units with Pulse Output

Direct Connected KWhr meters
MID, kwh, Direct Connected KWHr meters, EEM12-32A, EEM, EEM34-3x65A, EEM34D, EM34D,  schell

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MID stands for �Measuring Instruments Directive" and is a new European Union directive to create a single market for measuring instruments across the EU and was effective from the 30th October 2006. The aim of the directive is to guarantee to users a standard European level of safety, reliability, tamper proofing and accuracy to instruments. For when meters are subjected to certain minimum specified levels of climatic conditions, mechanical environments and electromagnetic interference. "MID" is a replacement for the old UK "OFGEM" approval, also referred to sometimes as "OFFER" approval. It is advised that all electricity meters must be approved if used in a billing situation. This is a requirement of Schedule 7 of the Electricity Act 1989. Prior to the 30th October 2006 approval would have been granted by OFGEM. However, meters approved under previous UK provisions need not be certified in exempt situations. Usually landlord/tenant contracts, so long as a written agreement exists between the parties to dispense with the certification requirements. But any meter must still be of an approved design and be maintained in good working order. The new MID directive refers to ten categories of measuring instruments of which four relate to utility meters. In particular KWh meters fall within MI-003 ACTIVE ELECTRICAL ENERGY METERS.

MID KWh Meter