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 Static Series Timers, Flasher multi voltage,  YSDFPT, 8sdfpt, 11sdfpt, 8sdb, 11sdb, 8sdfpt, 11sdfpt Flasher, ysdb

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Din rail mounted or 8 & 11 pin plug in solid state output electronic flashers, available in either Triac output for AC circuits, or as a Transitor output for DC circuits. These devices are most suitable for applications where there is a prolonged flash rate and relay wear is of a concern. All terminal details with the CE mark is clearly marked on the sides of the housing. The AC Triac version is a "pause start" and of a fixed 1 sec cycle (0.5 sec Off & 0.5 sec On). The DC Transitor version is also a "pause start" and is available with a choice of adjustable cycle times. A set cycle time equates to 50% of the time as On and 50% of the time as Off. If the supply voltage is removed at any point, any remaining elapsed time is cancelled and if the output is On it will immediately switch to Off

FLASHERS ysdb 8sdb 11sdb (triac output) ysdfpt 8sdfpt 11sdfpt