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Frequency to Analogue Converter, pxf, freqcon, pxf20, pxf-20

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PXF-20 A din rail mounted pulse frequency to analogue signal converter and isolator, only 22.5mm wide. Input frequency range selection is via a rotary switch on the front panel. Input source can be from either NPN, PNP or NAMUR selectable by the connecting to various input terminals. Output selection is also via a choice of wiring options on the output terminals. The front panel is also fitted with dual LED indication to give at a glance status, plus adjustable zero and span potentiometers. Freqcon The FREQCON is a frequency to analogue converter which can be programmed using a PC to perform any frequency to analogue converting function. The range of frequency input available is 0 - 1MHz and any offset can be introduced on the input . In addition a 21 point look-up table can be used to linearise non-linear inputs, with other linearisation functions such as square-root and custom polynomial also being available.The operational status of the unit is indicated by the front panel LED, a slow flashing indicating normal operation, a fast flash indicating an input failure, or hard off indicating a power supply failure. The unit can only be powered by any D.C. supply from 16 to 32 volts.

Frequency to Analogue Converter