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Latching relays, Foxtam Modular Range - Din Rail, UNI-1LR, UNI-2LR, UNI 1LR, UNI 2LR, UNI1LR, UNI2LR. FLIP FLOP, BI-STABLE, NR8000, NR8251, NR8255, NR8256, NR8259

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UNI-1LR and UNI-2LR - An attractive modern designed 16 Amp AC1 latching relay in a din rail mounted modular style housing of 1.5 modules width (27mm). The relay features the facility of double deck terminals thus enabling the timer to be available also in both a SPCO and DPCO versions. The latching function is commanded via three different trigger inputs. A green supply on LED is featured along with a red LED to indicate relay output status. All terminal details and information along with the CE mark is clearly marked on the sides of the housing.

electronic latching relays UNI-1LR (SPCO) UNI-2LR (DPCO)
Latching relays, Foxtam Classic range Din rail 8/11 pin plug in, UNI-4LRS,UNI4LRS. UNI4LRS

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A din rail mounted tri-voltage modular latching / sequence relay with a selectable memory option. Outputs are four individual single pole normally open contacts. The unit is programmed via three front selector switches. Switch 1 determines the number of relays in play, switch 2 the function of the latching / sequencing of the relays, switch 3 selects if the memory function is required. The unit requires a permanent supply to the coil and operation is then achieved by using up to three volt free trigger commands from A1 onto terminals FWD, BCK or RESET. The unit reacts to the leading edge of a trigger input only. If required the trigger input can then be held continuously, if then a leading edge is then seen on any of the other inputs the unit will operate accordingly. A trigger to FWD will cause the unit to switch the relays in a forward manner, whilst a trigger to BCK will cause the unit to step back a position. A RESET trigger will cause the unit to reset back to the first (start) position.