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Electronic Timers, Mechanical Extension Timers & Time Clocks, 136, 136.2, 136.2.1, 134

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Mechanical plant extension timers, also known as “override timers” or “caretaker timers”. Totally mechanically driven by a clockwork spring, therefore no auxiliary supply is required. The moment the setting knob is turned passed zero to the set time required, the output contact/s switch, the timer will then start running back to zero. When zero is reached the output contact/s will switch back. If after the initial time has been set, it is required that the set time, or remaining time needs to be lengthened, shortened or cancelled back to zero, the knob can be turned without harming the mechanical mechanism. The timers benefit from 16 Amp / 250V contacts and is easily fitted to the front of a control panel via screw fixings.