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NMC Transducers

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Look at this for a great idea, do you ultimately need an analogue signal for your current measurement ? Many of the CTs feature a plug in transducer module option.

Just twist of the secondary terminal covers and remove the secondary terminal screws. Screw in the brass transformer to module connecting studs and plug in the NMC module.

Each NMC transducer block will give two different isolated analogue outputs. Also the secondary of the current transformer is repeated, if this repeat facility is not required the supplied shorting link must be left in situ. It is possible to generate 0-20mA and 0-10VDC without any auxiliary supply (self powered module version). Please note that the self powered versions can only be used on current transformers with an output of at least 2.5VA, if a 4-20mA signal is required in all cases an auxiliary supply is required, 24VDC, 110VAC or 230VAC.
NMC Transducers