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PT100 Temperatuire Monitor Relays, YWR2TR7, NO VOLT SAFE LATCH.

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PT100 temperature relay, din rail mounted and DPCO output. The adjustable temperature sensing relay YWR2TR7 will monitor a PT100 sensing probe (preferably 3 wire, but 2 wire possible if terminals P2 & PC are linked together). The adjustable range is 0°C to 200°C the output relay will be energised when below the set level, indicated also by a red LED. When the sensed temperature exceeds the set level the relay will be de-energised accompanied by the red LED extinguishing, at which point the relay will be "latched off". In this latched condition the YWR2TR7 will not reset on a failing temperature and will not be reset by removing and re-applying the auxiliary supply. In order to reset the YWR2TR7 the auxiliary supply must be on, the PT100 cold, then the front reset button can be operated or the remote reset input activated to re-energise the relay. In normal "no fault" operation the relay will energise on the connection of the auxiliary supply.

PT100 Temperatuire Monitor Relay YWR2TR7 (DPCO)