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Phase Voltage Balance, sequence ,ywrups, 11wrups, 8wrups, ywr2ups, phase failure

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Phase failure relays with independent over and under voltage control, with the option of additional sequence control. Available in either a din rail or 8 & 11 pin plug in housing SPCO with a DPCO option in the din rail housing. All units can be specified as 3 wire or 4 wire. As an option in the din rail housing an adjustable time delay can be specified (not true delay off), which is effective against voltage control, phase sequence (if applicable), but not phase loss or Neutral loss on 4 wire versions (loss of L3 only would produce a time delay). The units are transformers based and thus will ignore transients and harmonic distortions. The output relay is energised when all three phases are connected and in sequence (if applicable) and within the set voltage limits. The output relay/s will de-energise if one or more voltages between phases are under the value of the minimum set level or above the value of the maximum set level, less any set time delay (if applicable). The units will also de-energise on loss of a phase or incorrect sequence (if applicable). Separate red LED indicators indicate over and under voltage conditions. If both are illuminated this indicates a phase sequence error (if applicable). A green LED indicates output relay status.

phase failure relay with over & under voltage control ywrup(S),11wrup(S),8wrup(S),(spco) ywr2up(S) (dpco)