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Signal Isolators and Converters, bob

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A din rail mounted four way AC current transducer. Accepting up to four inputs from the miniature split core current transformers supplied as a "kit" with the unit and giving four isolated analogue voltage signal outputs, either 0-5V DC or 0-10V DC. The maximum primary current possible is 50Amps which is compatible with the 10mm ID of the split core CT. The YW4 has individual pairs of terminals for the CT inputs, whilst the output channels share a common 0V rail. The YW4 requires a separate AC or DC supply voltage with isolation offered via an internal transformer or DC to DC converter.
Signal Isolators and Converters, PXU-20. Isocon, Dualcon, SC-VA, pxu20, scva, dualcon-3, dualcon-6, Isocon-3, isocon-6

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PXU-20 - Input & Output Selectable Analogue Signal Isolator & Converter  Slim Modern Design  Input & Output Selectable  LED Indication  3.75KV Isolation  Zero & Span Adjustment ISOCON - Isolating Signal Converters  Only 12.5mm Wide  Full 3-Port Isolation  Zero & Span Adjustment  High Accuracy  Wide Range of Inputs Available  AC & DC Power Supply Options DUALCON - Isolating Signal Converters - 1 Input, 2 Outputs  Only 17.5mm Wide  Full 4-Port Isolation  Zero & Span Adjustment  Two Isolated Outputs from One Input  Wide Range of Inputs Available  AC & DC Power Supply Options SC-VI-1 & SC-VI-2 - Isolating Signal Converters - 1 output & 2 outputs  22.5mm Wide  2KV Isolation  Zero & Span Adjustment  2x Selectable Outputs  5x Selectable Inputs  AC & DC Aux

Signal Isolator & Signal Converters