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Electro mechanical peg type time clocks. The ALPHA range is suitable for Din rail mounting, front panel mounting or surface mounting, when front panel mounted the front bezel size is a standard Din 72mm (panel cut out 68mm square). The UNO range is a slimline 17.5mm wide (single module) Din rail mounted unit. Both the ALPHA and UNO are available either as a daily time clock or weekly time clock. On the daily time clocks each setting peg equals 15 mins and on weekly time clocks each setting peg equals 2 hours. Both the ALPHA and UNO time clocks feature captive time setting pegs, an override switch designated ON / OFF / AUTO. The ALPHA range has a SPCO output, whilst the UNO range is a 1NO contact, in both types the contact rating is 16 Amps / 250V with a quartz movement and a battery reserve. A wide choice of both AC and DC supply voltages are available.

Mechanical Time Clocks