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The YRI-41 ia a direct connected current proving switch available in five different adjustable ranges. 1mA-100mA. 10mA-1A. 30mA-3A. 50mA-5A. 100mA-10A. External current transformers cannot be used with the YRI-41.  The current is monitored on its own supply hence a seperate auxiliary supply in not required.

NOTE. the monitored load and the supply voltage must be from the same source and of the same voltage potential.

On connection of the supply/load the green LED illuminates. should the load exeed the adjustable set point the SPCO relay output will energise and the red LED will illuminate.  Should the load then fall below the set level  less than a nominal 1% hysteresis the output relay will de-energise and the red LED will be extinguished.


Keywords  In Line Current Sensing Switch, MOD-I, MODI, MOD I,

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"With delay to energise on a rising current". The output relay delays to energise for up to 10 secs when the monitored current rises above the set level as selected by the front potentiometer. It will de-energise when the current falls below the set level less a fixed hysteresis of 1 % against the set level. De-energisation will also occur if the auxiliary supply is lost. The MOD-I can be used to monitor a 3 phase motor by passing one phase into terminal A1 and out on the relevant I., terminal to the load. The panel Neutral needs to be connected to terminal A2 even if the load does not have a Neutral connection.

In Line Current Sensing Switch MOD I (SPCO)