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Alarm Panels Oleno, annunciator panels, indicating panel, diode alarm panel, group alarm, F2000, FCI10, FC-I10, FCD10, FC-D10, FC, FC-, FCDI10, FC-DI10, FC-LKM10, FCLKM10, FC-LKS10, FCLKS10

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Indicating Panel
 Description - Indicating panel for 10 indication positions using make contacts. Supply voltage 24 VAC/DC.

Diode Alarm Panel
 Description - Diode alarm panel for 10 positions. Available for 10 alarm positions or 5 alarm and 5 indicating positions. Optional combinations supplied on request. Without memory and flashing functions. Inputs must be from making contacts.
Supply 24 VAC/DC.

Group Alarm Annunciator Panel
A master panel, used individually or in combination with a number of slave panels (max 100). The units are supplied with 10 alarm positions. Up to 1010 alarm positions possible. Supply 24 VAC/DC.
Alarm Panels Oleno