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FOX.TX, tx, transducers, 30VA, 0030, 50VA, 0050, 100VA, 0100, 200VA, 0200, 320VA, 0320, 400VA, 0400, 500VA, 0500, 630VA, 0630, 800VA, 0800, 1000VA, 1600VA, 2000VA, 2500VA, 3200VA, Control Panel Transformers

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Mono-phase transformers for general “Control Panel”, control and isolation applications, giving excellent on load and off load performance and stability. 


Benefiting from a multi tap primary 0-230V-400V- 415V-440V with no confusing terminal linking required, likewise connecting the secondary taps is also without linking. Available in either 0-12V-24VAC or 0-115V-30VAC secondary voltages.