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Lamp Test, YWAD, filament, neon lamp, test module

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The limited service life of filament signal lamps often necessitates regular testing, as the indication of a defective lamp may not be immediately recognised. The YWAD lamp test module is a Din rail mounted 11 way lamp test module, the extra input terminal “C” is the Lamp Test input. For more than 11 ways a number of units can be linked together via the “C” input terminal. The lamp test module uses very high voltage tolerant components, such as avalanche diodes. Avalanche diodes are especially suitable for withstanding high voltage as the construction is a diode and varistor combined.

filament & neon lamp test module
Lamp Test, ywacd, led,

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The YWACD is an 8 way lamp test module designed for use with modern LED based indicator lamps. Filament lamp test modules utilise diodes and only allow a half cycle to pass which invariably is not sufficient to strike a LED. The new YWACD is constructed in a manner that allows the full potential to pass, gives full isolation per lamp circuit and at the same time gives full back feed protection. The YWACD is designed to save on wiring time where "lamp test" is called for in specifications and cable congestion on crowded doors.