COMBINED LIGHTNING & VOLTAGE SURGE ARRESTERS TYPE 1 & 2: Imax 100KA 8/20, limp 25KA per pole 10/350




PROBLOC BR 50 (2+0), PROBLOC BR 75 (3+0), PROBLOC BR 100 (4+0)


  • Type 1 & 2 combined
  • Protection level 8/20 100KA, 10/350 25KA per pole
  • Available 2, 3 or 4 pole, wired in parallel
  • With auxiliary contact
  • Flag indication
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Modular 2, 3 and 4 pole combined lightning 10/350 and voltage surge arrester 8/20 conforming to the latest IEC standards Class I & II (Type 1 & 2), to protect against the effects of direct lightning strikes and the resultant mains disturbance.

When selecting the nominal voltage required the voltage should be selected on the basis of L-N or L-Earth depending on the system. The standard version recommended for 380-550V L-L or 220-320V L-N systems is the 320V version. For 110V L-L systems use the 150V version, according to IEC-61643-11.

The units are suitable for AC single phase or three phase systems and are purchased either as 2, 3 or 4 pole units, thus a TP&N system requires a 4 pole unit (if a Neutral is present, it must be protected). Wiring is in parallel with discrimination fuses or a MCB fitted. For systems of ≥250 Amps fuses 250 Amps gG are recommended. All units have a common Earth terminal that needs to be bonded down to Earth.

All units have a front mechanically driven flag indicator per pole, green for healthy and red for fault. All versions have a mechanically driven auxiliary C/O contact. In a healthy state the contact is made between terminals 11 & 12. In the event of the MOV’s failing due to an intense or multiple surges the contact will change state to 11 & 14 (also indicated by the red flag). In this state protection has been lost, the unit will need replacing.

Complies with:
IEC 61643-11:2011

Category: Class I & II / Type 1 & 2

Protection mode: L/N – Earth

Protection via: High energy MOV’s (Metal Oxide Varistors)

Nominal discharge current 8/20: 25KA per pole

Max discharge current 8/20: 100KA per pole

Impulse current 10/350: 25KA per pole

Total impulse current 10/350:
(4+0) L1+L2+L3+N–E: 100KA
(3+0) L1+L2+L3–E: 75KA
(2+0) L1+N–E: 50KA

Specific energy: 156KJ / Ohm per pole

Response time: <25n Sec

Thermal protection: Yes

Back up fuse if mains >250 Amps: 250 Amps gG

Short circuit withstand current: 25KA / 50Hz

Operating temperature range: -40°C to +70°C

Terminal cross section:
Max 35mm² solid cable
Max 25mm² stranded cable

Module size:
2 pole (4 modules, 72mm)
3 pole (6 modules, 108mm)
4 pole (8 modules, 144mm)

Auxiliary contact: Yes

Contact rating: 250VAC/0.5 Amps / 125VAC/3 Amps

Max AC continuous voltage L-N/L-E: 150V / 320V

Protection level:
<0.7KV (150V versions)
<1.4KV (320V versions)

2 pole
PROBLOC BR 50/150 (56.0573)
PROBLOC BR 50/320 (56.0577)

3 pole
PROBLOC BR 75/150 (56.0583)
PROBLOC BR 75/320 (56.0587)

4 pole
PROBLOC BR 100/150 (56.0593)
PROBLOC BR 100/320 (56.0597)


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