YWRPTC4 (spco + 1no)


  • Din rail mounted
  • Monitors loss of phase
  • Monitors phase sequence
  • Monitors up to 6 thermistors
  • Klixon version available
  • Separate outputs for phase & thermistor circuits
  • Separate LED indication
  • Available 3 or 4 wire
  • Transformer technology
  • Ideal lift industry product
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Din rail mounted combined phase failure, sequence thermistor relay (Klixon version also available). Available in either 3 or 4 wire and self powered, with separate output contacts and LED indication for phase faults and thermistor faults.

Both contacts energise when all is healthy, the phase relay R2 will de-energise when a phase sequence error is detected or a phase is lost (and in a 4 wire version also the Neutral). The thermistor circuit relay R1 will de-energise on detection of either a short circuit or overheat (resistance below 30 Ohms or above 3.3 KOhms). Both relays are slightly delayed (delay fixed) to avoid nuisance tripping. The LED indicators will diagnose the circuit problems, a healthy situation results in all the LEDs being illuminated.

Supply & Measuring:

Nominal supply:
3 x 110V AC, 3 x 220V AC, 3 x 380V AC,
3 x 400V AC, 3 x 415V AC, 3 x 440V AC

Permanent tolerance: ±15%

System: 3 or 4 wire option

Frequency: 50/60Hz

Nominal Umin (fixed):
80% on all 3 phases
60% on 1 phase drop

Thermistor operating: 3.3 KOhm ±5%

Thermistor reset: 1.8 KOhm ±10%

Max cold resistance: 1500 Ohms

Short circuit detection: 30 Ohms ±20%

Max No. Of PTC sensors: 6

Sensor voltage: 2.5V DC max

Isolation: Via transformer & opto isolator

Max power consumption: <6VA

Insulation: 2.5KV 50Hz impulse

Relay outputs:

Output contacts: SPCO + 1NO 8 Amps/250V AC1

Delay phase sequence: 0.5sec (fixed)

Delay phase loss: 50mSec (fixed)

Delay thermistor fault: 0.5sec (fixed)

Mechanical life: 30 Million ops

Electrical life: 200K ops at max rated load


Operating temperature: -20°C to +65°C

Storage temperature: -20°C to +65°C

Max cable size: 4mm

CE marked: Yes

In accordance with:
EN61000-6-1: 2007
EN61000-6-3: 2007
EN61010-1: 2002

Housing material: Polycarbonate, Auto extinguishable to UL 94 V-0






3 x 110V
3 x 220V
3 x 380V
3 x 400V
3x 415V
3 x 440V**


3W (3 wire)
4W (4 wire)


On 3 wire variants as a no cost option a separate AC auxiliary supply can be specified. This gives the possibility of additonal “control circuit” voltage monitoring. If this is lost or is not present, the unit will de-energise or not energise as applicable. 24VAC, 48VAC, 110VAC

* Insert T if Klixon is required
** 440V only available as a 3 wire version




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