MOD-P-1 (3 wire spco) & MOD-PN-1 (4 wire spco) MOD-P-2 (3 wire dpco) & MOD-PN-2 (4 wire dpco)


  • Din rail mounted
  • Modern modular design
  • Width 27mm (1.5 modules)
  • SPCO & DPCO versions
  • Available 3 wire or 4 wire
  • Self powered
  • Transformer technology
  • Dual LED indication
  • CE marked
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An attractive modern designed range of combined phase failure and sequence relays in a din rail mounted modular style housing of 1.5 modules width (27mm). Utilising transformer technology the units are available in either 3 wire or 4 wire versions, the 4 wire version also trips on loss of the Neutral. Both types are available with either a SPCO or DPCO output. On power up with all three phases present (plus the Neutral if applicable) and in the correct sequence the output relay/s will energise, the green and red LED’s also illuminate. On loss of a phase, (or Neutral 4 wire versions), drop in voltage below Umin levels, or incorrect phase sequencing the output relay/s after a fixed time delay of 0.5 secs will drop out and the red LED will be extinguished. A green supply on LED only illuminated means that there is a supply to the unit but there is a supply fault of phase loss, under volts, or sequence. All terminal details and information along with the CE mark is clearly marked on the sides of the housing.

Supply & Measuring:

Nominal supply:
400V - 415V L-L (3wire)
230V - 240V L-N (4 wire)

Nominal Umin (fixed):
80% on all 3 phases
60% on 1 phase drop

Delay on tripping: 0.5sec fixed

Max power consumption: <3VA

Insulation: 2.5KV 50Hz impulse

Relay outputs:

Output contacts:
SPCO 16Amps/250V AC1
DPCO 8Amps/250V AC1

Max breaking capacity:

Mechanical life: 30 Million ops

Electrical life: 200K ops at max rated load


Operating temperature: -20°C to +65°C

Storage temperature: -20°C to +65°C

Max cable size: 2.5mm

CE marked: Yes

In accordance with:
EN61000-6-1: 2007
EN61000-6-3: 2007
EN61010-1: 2002

Housing material: Polycarbonate, Auto extinguishable to UL 94 V-0


MOD-P-1 (SPCO, 3 Wire)

MOD-PN-1 (SPCO, 4 Wire)

MOD-P-2 (DPCO, 3 Wire)

MOD-PN-2 (DPCO, 4 Wire)

On request the units can be supplied without sequence monitoring by inserting (-S) after the part number ie, MOD-P-2(-S)




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