The DIN rail mounted adjustable 0-10VDC BMS power supply type YxxA0-10D, which we have manufactured for several years, is now available with a remote potentiometer kit.

potentiometer kit.

Experience has taught us that often the zero point is particularly important and our standard product is carefully trimmed and calibrated by internal settings to achieve this. If a customer used their own potentiometer, we would have no control of its accuracy and quality, plus the distance and size of the cable from the module to the potentiometer. This could result in the integrity of the zero point being compromised.

The Ideal Kit

Foxtam Controls can now supply a product kit consisting of the 0-10VDC DIN rail mounted module, a 22.5mm dia. hole mounted potentiometer with 3 metres of twin double insulated 1.5mm cable (type YxxA0-10DRP).  Even though we control the supply of the potentiometer there are still tolerance variations.  We pair each potentiometer with its own module and cable, the module is trimmed and calibrated to achieve the required accuracy of the 0-10VDC signal, especially at the zero point.

All customers of our new solution shouldn’t mix up the potentiometers and modules but carefully install and wire them as a kit.  Likewise, the 3 metres of prepared cable should not be cut short, and excess length needs to be “lost” within the control panel, ensuring optimum accuracy.

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