11WRIA5A, 11WRID5A (over current relays), 11WRIA5C, 11WRID5C (under current relays)


  • 11 pin plug in
  • SPCO output
  • Three selectable input ranges 5mA to 10 Amps
  • Available for both AC or DC current
  • Selectable manual or auto reset
  • Adjustable time delay on tripping 0.1-10 secs
  • Dual LED indication
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11WRIA5 - 11 pin plug in current sensing relay AC current only.

11WRID5 - 11 pin plug in current sensing relay DC current only.

Suffix A - With delay to energise on a rising current.

Suffix C - With delay to de-energise on a falling current.


“With delay to energise on a rising current”. The output relay delays to energise for up to 10 secs when the monitored current rises above the set level as selected by the front potentiometer. It will de-energise when the current falls below the set level less any hysteresis adjustable 5 to 50% against the set level. De-energisation will also occur if the auxiliary supply is lost. The units can be set to be either “manual” or “auto” reset (latched or non latched), achieved by a link or no link between terminals or pins 9 & 11. For “manual” reset (latched) a link is required, when reaching the set level plus the set time delay the relay will latch and the link will need to be opened or the auxiliary supply removed to achieve a reset. Reset it only possible if the monitored current has fallen below the set level minus the set hysteresis.


“With delay to de-energise on a falling current”. The output relay will energise when the monitored current reaches the set level as set via the potentiometer. The output relay will de-energise up to 10 secs after the monitored current has fallen and remains below the set hysteresis, adjustable 5 to 50% of the set current level. Should the auxiliary supply be lost the output relay will also de-energise. Whilst the latch circuit is fitted to the units on the 5C versions it cannot be utilised and therefore link pin 9 & 11 should be left open.

Use of Current Transformers

The three current ranges are determined by wiring to different terminals. For monitoring currents above 10 Amps AC a current transformer is required. It is recommended that preferably a 1 Amp secondary current transformer is used and connected to the 50mA to 1 Amp input range, thus giving 100% resolution. A range of 1 Amp secondary CT’s are available from our CT section.

Adjustable Time Delay on Tripping

The current relays have an adjustable 0.1-10 sec delay on tripping timer which activates every time the set level is exceeded, or falls below the set level, as the case may be. This feature is extremely useful on applications where the control circuit is always live.

DC Auxiliary Supply Versions

DC auxiliary supply versions are as standard non isolated. For these versions the supply and the measured current must be isolated from each other and must not exceed 50V DC. On request at extra cost isolated versions can be manufactured utilising internally a DC to DC converter.

Supply & Measuring:

Nominal supply tolerance: ±15%

Isolation AC versions: Via transformer

Isolation DC versions:
No as standard
Yes via optional internal DC to DC converter

Power consumption: 3VA max

Hysteresis: Adjustable 5 to 50% of le

Repeat accuracy:
±2% at constant ambient
±5% across temperature range

Response time:
5A version adjustable 0.1-10secs on make
5A version 200mSec on break
5C version 100mSec on make
5C version adjustable 0.1-10secs on break

Input ranges selectable:
5-100mA (max overload 5A for less than 1 sec)
50mA-1A (max overload 17A for less than 1 sec)
0.5-10A (max overload 55A for less than 1 sec)

Input impedances:
100mA range 1 Ohm
1A range 0.1 Ohm
10A range 0.01 Ohm

Relay outputs:

Output contacts: SPCO 10Amps/250V AC1

Mechanical life: 30 Million ops

Electrical life: 200K ops at max rated load


Operating temperature: -20°C to +65°C

Storage temperature: -20°C to +65°C

Max cable size: 4mm

CE marked: Yes

In accordance with:
EN61000-6-1: 2007
EN61000-6-3: 2007
EN61010-1: 2002

Housing material: Polycarbonate, Auto extinguishable to UL 94 V-0


11WRIA5A (11 pin AC rising current)
11WRID5A (11 pin DC rising current)
11WRIA5C (11 pin AC falling current)
11WRID5C (11 pin DC falling current)



* No isolation on DC versions as standard, on request at extra cost isolated versions are available.




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