SC28.11PRO, SC28.21PRO (Din rail mounting), SC28.13PRO, SC28.23PRO (Din rail mounting ASTRO), SC44.11PRO, SC44.21PRO (Front panel mounting)


  • Din rail or panel mounting
  • Single channel or double channel
  • Daily & weekly programmable
  • With 6 year battery reserve
  • 46 switching instructions (60 ASTRO versions)
  • Block programming on days (equals 1 instruction)
  • Minimum switching interval 1 min
  • Pulse function minimum switching 1 Sec
  • SPCO or DPCO output contacts rated 16 Amps
  • Holiday function by date
  • Fully automatic summertime function
  • Manual override function, permanently ON or OFF
  • Automatic sorting of switching times on readout
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Digital time clocks in either single or double channel, Din rail mounted or front panel mounted. The Din rail mounted units are 2 modules wide 35mm, whilst the front panel mounted units have a front bezel size of 72mm fitting into a 68mm square cut out. All types facilitate very accurate to the minute and if the pulse function is used, to the second switching accuracy. 46 switching instructions are possible, but via using block programming on days, a common instruction on more than one day counts as only one instruction. Manual permanent ON or OFF is possible along with by date holiday override periods. Summertime adjustment by location in the world can also be programmed. All programmed in instructions are supported by a 6 year battery back up. A wide choice of both AC and DC supply voltages are available.

ASTRO versions, available in Din rail either as a single or double channel, by telling the ASTRO time switches via programming a city code or longitude and latitude the in built ASTRO look up table tells the clock the DUSK and DAWN times accordingly at the programmed location. The primary application for ASTRO time switches is the automatic control of lighting systems, so that systems automatically advance and retard with the lengthening and shortening of days in accordance with the lunar cycle. If required offset times can be programmed and applied to both the DUSK and DAWN times. Further switching can be programmed also between the DUSK and DAWN times. ASTRO time switches do not feature the pulse function and are only available with a 230VAC supply voltage.

Supply voltages:
110, 230VAC 50-60Hz
ASTRO versions 230VAC only

Power consumption: Approx 1.5VA

Battery reserve: ~6 years

Instructions: 46 (60 ASTRO versions)

Minimum switching: 1 min

Pulse function: 1sec to 59m59sec (not on ASTRO versions)

Accuracy: ≤ ±1sec a day

Output/s: SPCO or DPCO

Contact/s rating: 16 Amps / 250V AC1

Operating temp: -10°C to +55°C

CE marked: Yes


Din rail 1 channel
SC28.11PRO 12VAC/DC, 24VAC/DC, 110VAC, 230VAC*
Din rail 2 channel
SC28.21PRO 12VAC/DC, 24VAC/DC, 110VAC, 230VAC*
Front panel 1 channel
SC44.11PRO 12VAC/DC, 24VAC/DC, 110VAC, 230VAC*
Front panel 2 channel
SC44.21PRO 12VAC/DC, 24VAC/DC, 110VAC, 230VAC*
Din rail 1 channel (ASTRO)
SC28.13PRO 230VAC
Din rail 2 channel (ASTRO)
SC28.23PRO 230VAC

*Also available in Din rail mounting format are yearly programmable time clocks up to 4 channels, please contact our sales office for further information.


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