• Multi voltage 12-48VAC/DC version
  • Multi voltage 100-240VAC/DC version
  • Very accurate time setting
  • Multi time range 0.01 Secs to 9990 hours
  • Timing hold input & reset input facility
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A Din standard 48mm front panel mounted digital electronic timer. The AH4CN-RG is multi time range from 0.01sec to 9990 hours, the time setting along with the time range is set via thumbwheel switches on the front of the timer, facilitating the setting of very accurate and precise times. The timer is multi voltage, a low voltage version 12- 48VAC/DC and a high voltage version 100-240VAC/DC. The AH4CN-RG has a SPCO output contact rated at 5 Amps. The AH4CN-RG can be used for either delay on or delay off applications, depending on what side the output contact is wired. On application of the supply voltage to terminals 2 & 7 the three digit LED display will illuminate and start to count. On reaching the set time, as per the thumbwheel switches, the relay contact will switch. Featured also is a “GATE” input across terminals 1 & 4, when this is made this will hold the time, when broken the timing will recommence from where it left off. The “RESET” input across terminals 1 & 3 will, if made, resets the timer and display back to zero, when 1 & 3 is then opened timing will commence afresh from zero. Once timing has completed and the relay has switched, resetting can be either by removal of the supply voltage from terminals 2 & 7 or by the “RESET” facility as described above. The AH4CN-RG is an ideal timer for process control applications where the set time needs to be easily and very accurately set by an operator. Unlike other timers, operators will have a visual indication of the timing period as it times up via the LED display. Applications requiring a process to be interrupted, but a memory of the “elapsed time so far” will find the “GATE” input very useful.

Dimensions: 48H x 48W x 84D

Selectable time ranges: 9.99 secs, 99.9 secs, 999 secs, 99.9 mins, 999 mins, 99.9 hrs, 999 hrs, 9990 hrs

Timing accuracy: < +0.03%

Reset time: 100mSec max

Supply voltage: 12-48VAC/DC or 100-240VAC/DC

Power consumption: 2VA

Contact output: SPCO

Contact ratings: 5 Amps / 250V AC1

Mechanical life: 5M ops

Operating temp: -10°C to +55°C

CE marked: Yes


AH4CN-RG / 100-240VACDC
US-08 (8 pin in line socket gland)
P3G-08 (8 pin reversed socket)

The AH4CN-RG has a standard octal 8 pin terminal arrangement and cab be fitted if desired into a standard 8 pin socket. However for front of panel mounting, we can offer two neat wiring solutions:-

US-08 (8 pin in-line socket gland)
P3G-08 (8 pin reversed socket)


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