UNI-1C (spco) & UNI-4C (4pco)


  • Din rail mounted
  • Modern modular design
  • Width 27mm (1.5 modules)
  • SPCO version & unique 4PCO version
  • Multi voltage 12-250V AC/DC
  • Multi time range 0.1 sec to 10 days
  • Dedicated delay off (via trigger input)
  • Dual LED indication
  • CE marked
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An attractive modern designed multi voltage and multi time range delay off (via trigger input, trailing edge) dedicated function timer in a din rail mounted modular style housing of 1.5 modules width (27mm). The timer features the facility of double deck terminals thus enabling the timer to be available also in a unique 4PCO version. A selector switch is provided to select eight different time ranges from 0.1 sec to 10 days, fine time selection on a selected range is then achieved via a percentage potentiometer. A green supply on LED is featured along with a red LED to indicate relay output status. All terminal details and the function information along with the CE mark is clearly marked on the sides of the housing.

A permanent supply is required at all times on terminals A1 & A2, however this is not the controlling factor. The controlling factor is a trigger input from A1 onto terminal S. On an input being made to terminal S the relay contacts energise, on removal of the trigger input (trailing edge) the relay contacts time to de-energise. If the trigger input is reinstated after timing has commenced, it will immediately cancel any remaining time delay and the trigger will need to be removed for timing to commence again. If the supply on terminals A1 & A2 is removed at any point when the relay contacts are energised, irrespective of what state the trigger is at, the relay contacts will deenergise. If the trigger input to terminal S is present before the connection of the supply to terminals A1 & A2 when the supply is connected, the relay contacts will immediately energise and as before removal of S will commence timing.

The trigger input “S”, this input should preferably be clean. However, within reason small loads can be connected between “S” & “A2", such as relay coils or indicator lights.


Time ranges: 0.1sec to 10 days

Repeat accuracy: ±0.5% of set value

Reset time: Max 100mSec

Relay outputs:

Output contacts:
UNI-1C 16Amps/250V AC1
UNI 4C 8Amps/250V AC1

Max breaking capacity:
UNI-1C 4000VA
UNI-4C 2000VA

Mechanical life: 30 Million ops

Electrical life: 200K ops at max rated load

Supply voltage:

Supply voltage: 12-250V AC/DC

Max power consumption: 5VA / 2.8W

Insulation: 2.5KV 50Hz impulse

Trigger Input (S):

Max consumption: 5mA

Min input time: 25mSec

Max input time: Continuous

Clean contact input: Not required


Operating temperature: -20°C to +40°C

Storage temperature: -20°C to +60°C

CE marked: Yes

In accordance with:
EN61000-6-1: 2007
EN61000-6-3: 2007
EN61010-1: 2002

Housing material: Polycarbonate, Auto extinguishable to UL 94 V-0




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