SC01-428, SX01-428, SY01-115, SC03-115, SC03-250, SP03-250


  • Solid state
  • No moving parts
  • No RF noise or electrical interference
  • Ideal for hostile environments
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Sonartones are panel mounted audible alarms, inexpensive and rugged that cannot be ignored. They produce a penetrating sound, with a volume of between 80-95dB this can be varied by adjusting the supply voltage. Both continuous and pulsating tone units are available in a wide range of AC and DC supply voltages. Connections are via a pair of 0.8 x 6.3mm male push on terminals, also tapped with fitted screws. Note: dedicated DC voltage audible's are polarity sensitive and will not operate if the DC voltage is applied in reverse direction, damage is also likely to occur.

Operating temperature: -30°C to +60°C

Humidity: 95%RH/40°C max (for 100 hours)

Voltage tolerance: +15%

Max Life test continuous: 300 hours

Life test intermittent: 1 min on, 5 min off duty cycle 1000 times

Intensity: 80-95dB at 1 meter

Housing material: Self-extinguishing nylon

Mounting is via the rear of the panel with a maximum panel thickness of 6.3mm a clearance hole size of 29mm diameter is required.



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