• Din rail mounted
  • 5 input ways
  • Mutable
  • High performance
  • An economical solution
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Often in the design of a control system the requirement to provide a “common” alarm signal to say drive an audible alarm or signal a BMS system is required. However, it is sometimes required that after an alarm input signal is received the output relay is cancelled, thus say silencing an audible even if the alarm input is still present. The YWA5 achieves this function.

The YWA5 is available in various input voltages. However, a mix of input voltages on one unit is not possible and in all cases the input signals must be derived from the same source, with AC versions also derived from the same phase.

The integral electronics ensures that each input is electrically isolated from each other, thus preventing feedback from occurring between inputs. The YWA5 use very high voltage tolerant components, such as avalanche diodes. Avalanche diodes are especially suitable for withstanding high voltages.

YWA5, any input in the output relay energises. The output relay can then be reset via a pulse to the cancel terminal “C”, even if the original input(s) is still present. Another input in and the relay will energise again - and so on. Removal of all inputs before reset via cancel will cause the relay to reset. The cancel signal on terminal “C” must be the same voltage as the input signals. Do not maintain the cancel signal for any longer than is necessary or new alarms may not become apparent, in no event should a “maintained contact” input be used.

Voltage tolerance: ±15%

Operating temperature: -20°C to +65°C

Output contact: 5Amps/250VAC

Housing material: Polycarbonate, Auto extinguishable to UL 94 V-0

Terminal N: Common Neutral or with DC 0V

Terminal C: Cancel input (for DC +V signal required)

Terminals AA: Normally open alarm contact, closes on alarm, opens on reset







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