• Supplied as a complete made up package of relay & socket
  • One part number for simplicity in ordering
  • Only 6mm wide
  • With built in LED indication as standard
  • Built in relay removal ejector clip
  • SPCO contact rated 6 Amps / 250VAC AC1
  • AC & DC coil voltages
  • Low coil consumption
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A genuine SPCO mechanical relay package the width of a terminal at only 6mm wide is the ultimate solution when space is limited and a high packing density is required, in fact in certain applications use the product as a combined terminal and relay saving on even more space. The product is supplied as a complete package of socket and relay combined, the base features an integral LED indicator and a relay retaining clip that also acts as the relay ejector if the need to remove the relay arises. Whilst being the ultimate in space saving the relay has a switching capability of 6 Amps / 250VAC AC1 and also benefits from a low coil consumption.

A dedicated 9VDC relay module is available for use in the BMS sector where 0-10VDC signals are used and a digital output is required. With a pull in voltage of 7.5VDC and a release voltage of 4VDC, along with a low power consumption of circa 160mW (including the LED), this makes these modules an attractive alternative as a “BMS SRMV” relay.

The socket element is more than a socket, it is an electronic device dropping a voltage over a range and also providing a LED indicator. The socket is an equal component in the assembly as the relay. For example, a 240VAC supply does not utilise a 240VAC coil relay, a 60VDC relay is used. This is why this product is only sold as a complete made up assembly.

An optional 20 way jumper bar comb is available to common up negatives or 0V’s, also available as an accessory is a strip of 16 marker tags.

Also of note, is that 12V, 24V and 48V coils can be either AC or DC, same relay.

Contact type: SPCO

Contact rating: 6 Amps / 250VAC AC1

Contact material: AgNi

Operate time: 8mSec max

Release time: 4mSec max

Electrical life: 30000 ops (at full load)

Mechanical life: 10 000000 ops

Insulation resistance: 1000 MOhms

Coil to contacts: 4KVAC 1 min
Open contacts: 1KVAC 1 min

Ambient temperature: -40°C to +55°C

CE marked: Yes

VDE approved & marked: Yes

UL approved & marked: Yes



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