• Split core
  • Rogowski “flexible rope” CT’s
  • Ideal retro-fit solution
  • Compact sizes
  • Safe when open circuit
  • Ideal for when CT’s are sited a distance from the meter (VA burden is not relevant)
  • Recommended for use with our CUBE & RAIL 333mV CT input energy meters
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The SCT and SCL range of split core 333mVAC secondary current transformers are designed for fast and easy installation with no need to disconnect any loads. An internal precision resistor across the secondary winding of the CT provides a safe, low voltage output of 333mVAC with minimal current. Unlike conventional 5 Amp and 1 Amp secondary CT’s, where the VA burden in the secondary circuit, against the VA that is available from the CT, has to be taken into consideration. Meaning how far away the CT from the meter can be maximally sited needs to be calculated. With 333mVAC secondary CT’s this is not relevant. The SCL range is supplied with 1 metre of flying lead cable and the SCT range with 2 metres.

The ROPE range of “flexible” Rogowski Coil current transformers are supplied only in sets of 3 in either lengths of 461mm or 610mm. The set of three are supplied with a 5VDC nominal power supply with a 100-240VAC primary to excite the CT’s. These CT’s also have a 333mVAC secondary and are extremely flexible making them particularly suitable when CT’s are required to be fitted retrospectively in awkward situations. They are supplied with 2 metres of captive cable.

Please note, should the CT secondary cabling need to be extended 250V rated Belden Cable (or equivalent) needs to be utilised.

Secondary: 0-333mVAC

Frequency range: 50Hz - 60Hz

Accuracy: ± 1%

In max: 120%

Phase error: < 2º @ 0.51n

SCL: 300Vrms
SCT: 600Vrms

Operating temp:
SCL: -25ºC to +90ºC
SCT: -15ºC to +60ºC
ROPE: -20ºC to +70ºC




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