HF115F1 (spco 12 Amp), HF115F2 (dpco 8 Amp)


  • Miniature SPCO & DPCO plug in interface relays
  • Fully sealed
  • Strong pins for socket insertion
  • Low profile
  • UL & VDE approval
  • AC & DC coil voltages
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Miniature interface relays available either as SPCO or DPCO suitable for PCB mounting or for plugging into standard 15mm wide Din rail mounted interface relay bases. The relays are compact in construction being of low profile and fully sealed. The PCB pins are strong and are therefore hard to bend when inserted into a socket. Small in size but the switching capacity is large, the SPCO is rated at 12 Amps / 250VAC AC1 and the DPCO version is rated at 8 Amps / 250VAC AC1. For ease of identifying AC circuits against DC circuits in a control panel, AC coil relays are white and DC coil relays are black.

Contact type: SPCO & DPCO

Contact rating:
12A/250VAC AC1 (SPCO)
8A/250VAC AC1 (DPCO)

Max switching voltage: 440VAC / 125VDC

Max switching power:
3000VA (SPCO)
2000VA (DPCO)

Contact material: AgSnO2

Operate time: 15mSec max

Release time: 8mSec max

Mechanical life AC: 1M ops

Mechanical life DC: 10M ops

Electrical life AC: 50K ops (full load)

Electrical life DC: 100K ops (full load)

Insulation resistance: 1000 MOhms

Coil to contacts: 5KVAC 1 min
Open contacts: 1KVAC 1 min
Between contact sets: 2.5kVAC 1 min

Ambient temperature: -40ºC to +85ºC (DC +85ºC)

VDE approved: Yes

UL approved & marked: Yes



HF115F1 / Volts SPCO 12 Amps
HF115F2 / Volts DPCO 8 Amps
PI-35BE Standard SPCO 5 pin base
PI-50BE Standard DPCO 8 pin base
PI-50BE/3 Triple deck DPCO 8 pin base
TR Spare marker tab
MS16 Ejector clip

Width of Bases 15.7mm

Fully finger protected miniature interface relay bases with rising tunnel style clamps. The PI-35BE is the SPCO socket for the HF115F1 relay. Whilst both the PI-50BE and PI-50BE/3 are DPCO sockets for the HF115F2 relay, the PI-50BE/3 is a “triple deck” base with the coil connections on one side of the base and all the changeover contacts on the other side, thus achieving voltage segregation. An optional marker tab (one supplied with each base) maybe fitted in up to four different positions. Available as an option is an ejector style retaining clip.



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