ETI MCB’s, RCBO’s & Fuse Holders

Designed to protect an electrical circuit from overloading or short circuits, Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCBs) are reusable devices found in a wide range of industrial and domestic electrical applications. MCBs are generally found in distribution boards and control panels protecting electrical components within separate circuits.

Residual Current Breakers with Over-Current (RCBO), protect electrical components and systems from two types of faults combining the functionality of an MCB and an RCD. An MCB protects against short circuits and overloads and an RCD protects against earth-leakage the RCBO has both functions.

Fuse holders are an essential safety feature found in many electrical control panels and systems, allowing for easy and quick replacement of circuit protection fuses. Foxtam Controls stocks a select range of MCBs, RCBOs and fuse holders, contact us today to discuss your circuit protection requirements.

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