Analogue panel meters are either moving iron for AC applications and moving coil for DC applications. Analogue meters in the most common form are either ammeters or voltmeters that are used to display the voltage and current in circuits, displaying that information on a dial, in DIN 48 mm, DIN 72 mm or DIN 96 mm sizes. Other versions include those which measure frequency, power factor and Watts. Moving coil DC analogue panel meters are also available with analogue signal inputs such as 4-20 mA or 0-10 VDC and can be scaled for other engineering units such as RPM, PSI, ‘C, % and many more.

Digital panel meters much like analogue meters, display voltage, rpm and frequency, amongst other data and can be found in many industrial applications where you would find an analogue meter. Digital and analogue panel meters are suitable for a wide range of low, medium and high-voltage control panels, gensets and building and power management systems. Digital panel meters can also have isolated outputs such as analogue outputs, relay setpoint outputs and MODBUS communications.

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