CUBE 400


  • Panel mounting
  • Suitable for 3 phase loads 3 wire or 4 wire
  • Suitable for single phase loads
  • TRMS measurement to 30th Harmonic
  • Isolated pulse output as standard
  • Optional MODBUS RS485 output
  • Optional IP Ethernet enabled, with built in Web pages
  • Current input via CT’s 5 Amp, 1 Amp or 333mV
  • Class 1 accuracy
  • IP54 standard
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The CUBE 400 is a Din 96mm three line display, multi display energy meter suitable for both three phase and single phase loads and if three phase both 3 wire or 4 wire balanced or unbalanced loads, inductive or resistive. The CUBE 400 is fully programmable to set up CT ratios, the CT secondary can be specified at ordering as either conventional 5 Amp or 1 Amp, or as 333mVAC which are used in application scenarios where the CT’s are sited a distance away from the meter and VA burden within the secondary cabling is an issue. The CUBE 400 auto scales to Wh, KWh, MWh etc, depending on the CT ratio programmed. The CUBE 400 is able to accept a very wide voltage input span of 80-480V L-L or 46-277V L-N, thus enabling the CUBE 400 to be used on VT circuits such as 11KV/110V, therefore a VT ratio can also be programmed if required. Optionally an additional Voltage Expander module can be ordered for system voltages from 480-690V L-L / 277-399 L-N +10%.

Pulse Outputs - All CUBE 400’s have dual isolated volt free pulse outputs as standard for KWh & KVArh or KVAh selectable for interfacing to external equipment such as BMS systems.

MODBUS Communications - The CUBE 400 can also be specified optionally with MODBUS RS485 whilst still retaining the pulse outputs. Plus an additional Harmonics option, individual to the 15th and THD to the 30th via MODBUS is also available.

IP Ethernet Option – With built in Web pages showing parameters of; Energy, Power, Volts, Amps, Power Factor and digital input/s and output/s set-up, with total logging of up to 60 parameters. Set up logging for FTP / HTTP / TFTP / SNMP for directly interfacing with energy management software and building control solutions. Additionally CUBE 400’s with the IP Ethernet option comes with three scalable digital pulse inputs from say other utility meters, such as gas and water etc, which can also be read via the Web pages. Two digital alarm outputs are also provided along with the standard pulse outputs that all CUBE 400’s have. Harmonics, individual to the 15th and THD to the 30th is a standard on IP Ethernet meters.


1 phase
3 phase, 3 wire or 4 wire balanced or unbalanced

Voltage: 80-480V L-L / 46-277V L-N +0%

Voltage expander:
Optional 480-690V L-L / 277-399V L-N +10%

Via external 5 Amp secondary CT’s
Measuring range 0.2% to 120%

Frequency: 45-65Hz

THD to 30th (with Harmonics option)
Individual to 15th (with Harmonics option)

Voltage burden: < 0.1VA per phase

Current burden: < 0.1VA per phase

Voltage overload: x4 for 1 hour

Current overload: x40 for 0.5 Sec max

Auxiliary supply:
230VAC 50/60Hz +15%
On request 110VAC
On request 24VDC

5VA max
5W max


Temperature: Operating -10 ̊C to +55 ̊C

Humidity: <75% non condensing

Material: Mablex to UL94-V-0, self ext.

Terminals: 4mm rising cage

Dimensions: 96x96x83.5mm (72mm behind panel)

Class 1 per EN 62053-21
Class 0.5 per ANSI C12.20

KVArh: Class 2 per EN 62053-23

KW & KVA: Class 0.25 IEC 60688

KVAr: Class 0.5 IEC 60688

Amps & Volts: Class 0.1 IEC 60688

Power Factor: ± 0.2 ̊

Neutral current: Class 0.5 IEC 60688

Pulse outputs:
1 pulse for KWh, 1 pulse for KVArh

Scaling: Programmable between 1 & 100 counts of registers

Pulse periods: Programmable between 0.1-20Sec

Type: 2 x NO volt free, optically isolated

Rating: 100mA @ 70VDC/33VAC max

Isolation: 3.5KV for 1 min

IP ethernet option:
Digital inputs: 3
Digital outputs: 2


CUBE 400
CUBE 400 / IP


5 Amp
1 Amp


230VAC aux supply (standard)
110VAC aux supply
24VDC aux supply
Voltage Expander

**Please see split core 333mVAC secondary CT’s types: SCL, SCT, ROPE

An optional Voltage Expander is available for the CUBE 350 range for high L-L system voltages between 480V - 690V



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