Foxtam Signal Isolators, Conditioners & Converters, Trip Amps & Signal Generators

Foxtam Controls has a comprehensive offering of signal conditioners, convertors, trip amps and signal generators to suit many industrial and commercial applications. Signal conditioners convert one type of analogue signal into another analogue signal, also providing full galvanic isolation between the signals and the auxiliary supply voltage.

Foxtam’s DIN rail mounted output signal generators are designed to convert an AC or DC voltage input to an adjustable 0-10VDC or 4-20mA output which is controlled by a front-mounted potentiometer. Ideal for process control systems with HAND / OFF / AUTO applications, when a HAND signal between 4mA and 20mA needs to be forced into instrumentation in the event of an AUTO failure. Likewise, the 0-10VDC generator is suitable for HVAC and BMS applications,

Whatever your application Foxtam Controls has the ideal signal isolating and converting solution. Get in touch today to discuss your requirements.

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