Foxtam Sensing, Control & Monitoring Relays

Foxtam Controls stocks a comprehensive range of sensing, control and monitoring relays designed to ensure your valuable electrical devices, capital equipment, processes and operators are fully protected.

Monitoring, sensing and control relays are essentially an electrically controlled switch that is used to disconnect or connect power within an electrical circuit. Monitoring relays measure set parameters, such as the voltage, current or temperature and will trip a relay contact when a set parameter is either too high or too low.

Phase failure and sequencing relays carefully monitor the individual phases of an industrial supply and its sequencing. Sensing relays keep an eye on current or voltage levels and react when a set-point is reached by temporarily breaking the electrical circuit.

Covering all possible applications our extensive offer includes: Phase failure & sequence relays, Stand-alone frequency monitoring relays, Thermistor monitoring relays, Current control relays AC, Current control relays DC, AC voltage monitoring relays, DC voltage monitoring relays, Level control relays

Whatever your control, sensing and monitoring relay needs, Foxtam Controls has the situation covered. Contact us today to discuss your monitoring, sensing and control relay requirements.

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