FOX.CS-020, FOX.CS-200


  • Din rail mounted
  • Foot mounted option available on request
  • Compact
  • FOX.CS-020 range 0.2-20 Amps adjustable
  • FOX.CS-200 range 2-200 Amps adjustable
  • Self powered from flowing current
  • No separate auxiliary supply required
  • Dual LED indication
  • Normally open output switch
  • CE marked
  • RoHS compliant
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Compact Din rail or foot mounted “CT” style AC current proving switches, the sensing range (set point) being adjustable 0.2-20 Amps or 2-200 Amps. On current flowing of at least 0.2 Amps or 1 Amp the power LED will be illuminated, on current flowing in excess of the adjustable set point the status LED will be illuminated denoting the Normally Open output is closed. On current falling below the set point less a nominal 2% hysteresis the output will open and the status LED will extinguish and the power LED will illuminate, if the current has fallen to zero both the power and status LED’s will extinguish.

The FOX.CS-xxx current switch is self powered yet benefits from a volt free output Normally Open switch. The maximum switching capability is 30VAC/DC 0.5 Amps.

It is also possible for low current sensing, to pass the conductor to be measured multiple times through the CT (referred to as turns). For example; 2 turns will give a sensing range of 0.1-10 Amps or 1-100 Amps, 4 turns a sensing range of 0.05-5 Amps or 0.5-50 Amps.


Sensing range:
0.2-20 Amps
2-200 Amps

Hysteresis: <2% fixed

Power LED: Yes
Above 0.2 Amps (FOX.CS-020)
Above 1 Amp (FOX.CS-200)


Max switching voltage: 30V AC/DC

Max switching current: 0.5 Amps

Output type: Bi-directional solid state N/O

Status LED: Yes, current above set point


Rated system voltage: Max 720V continuous

Insulation: Max 3KV for 1min

Frequency range: 50-60Hz

Ambient temperature range: -30°C to +65°C

CE marked: Yes

IEC185, BS7626
BSED 60044-1
IEC 60044-1

RoHS compliant: Yes


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