Plug in Relays, Sockets, Power Relays, Latching Relays & Other Relay Solutions

Foxtam Controls stocks an impressive array of relays, sockets, power relays and other relay product solutions, ready and waiting for your next industrial or commercial control solution. An electrical switch, relays are operated by a supply voltage with their primary function being to open and close an electrical circuit. Latching, interface, non–latching, multi contact relays are typical examples of the available variants.

Most relays have changeover contacts either SPCO single pole changeover, DPCO double pole changeover, 3PCO three pole changeover, 4PCO four pole changeover. On connection of the supply voltage the relay energises causing the normally closed contacts NC to open and the normally open NO to close. On removal of the supply voltage the relay de-energises back to the original state.

Latching relays will remain in the last position it was in when it was last powered up, which could be either state. A power relay is used where there is need to switch a large amount of current, such as heaters, lighting and other HVAC systems. Interface relays provide switching interfaces between outputs from PLC’s and BMS systems and larger loads to be switched.

There are various considerations when selecting a relay such as the coil voltage, contact configuration, the contact material and the coil consumption. Contact Foxtam Controls today to discuss your non-latching, latching, interface and power relay requirements.

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