• Multi display DC energy meter
  • Displays DCV, DCA, KW, KWh, Hours Run
  • High accuracy, stability & resolution
  • Choice of multi relay, pulse, analogue signal or RS485 outputs
  • Digital inputs for hold & de-latch functions
  • Ideal for solar & wind energy systems
  • CE marked
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A Din 96x48mm multi display DC power meter. Measuring, displaying and communicating DC voltage, current, instantaneous power (Watts/KW), import and export Wh/KWh along with hours run. The voltage, current and power parameters also have max and min value recording during power on. The meter has the possibility for specifying up to 4 relay outputs including pulse outputs. The relays can be determined as set points for any of the parameters either low or high. In addition an analogue output also can be requested which can be assigned to any of the instantaneous measured parameters. Lastly, along with all the above mentioned outputs, RS485 MODBUS RTU communications can also be specified. The VAW meter is particularly suitable for solar energy and wind energy systems, along with electroplating, battery and transport applications. A particular feature of this meter which is especially relevant in “green energy” applications, is that after a certain time of no operator interaction with the meter, the meter enters a “switch down” mode and reduces the power to the LED’s, thus saving money.

With regards to the current input reference this can be achieved either by using a DC Shunts
(10-200 Amps), (250-600 Amps), (800-1500 Amps), (2000-5000 Amps) or a DC Split Core Current Transducers

Sampling rate: 15 cycles/Sec

Response time: ≤100mSec

Display: 7.1mm high LED’s, Top row 10 red digits, Bottom row 6 green digits

Status LED’s: 10 square LED’s to indicate inputs and outputs

Display pages:
Page 1: Voltage (4 digits), Current (5 digits), Power
Page 2: Voltage (5 digits), Current (4 digits), Power
Page 3: Power and Import Energy
Page 4: Power and Import Energy
Page 5: Power and Hours Run

Over-range indication: “ovFL” displayed when input is over 120% of input range

Under-range indication: “-ovFL" displayed when input is under -20% of input range

Max voltage withstand:
x2 continuous
x4 for 2 seconds

Max current withstand:
x3 continuous
x10 for 10 seconds

Power consumption: 5VA / 5W and in switch down mode, 2VA / 2W

Operating temperature: 0-60 ̊C

Operating relative humidity: 20-95% RH

Temperature coefficient: ≤50 PM/ ̊C

Storage temperature: -10 ̊C to +70 ̊C

Dielectric strength: AC 2.0KV for 1 min between input, output/s, power & case

Protection: IP54


Relay programmable: Low or High

Latching: Optional please specify

Number of setpoints: Up to 4

Energisation functions:
Start delay
Energisation & de-energisation delay
Energisation latching

Time delay programmable: 0-9 mins 59.9 secs

Hysteresis programmable: 0-5000 counts

Relay contacts:
Relays 1 & 4: 2xNO 1A/230VAC, A/115VAC
Relays 2 & 3: 2xCO 1A/230VAC, 3A/115VAC

Accuracy: ≤±0.1% of FS

Ripple: ≤±0.1% of FS

Response time: 100mSec (10-90% of input)

Output capability:
Voltage 1000 Ohm
Current into 600 Ohm max

Protocol: MODBUS RTU

Baud rate programmable: 1200 / 2400 / 4800 / 9600 / 19200 / 38400

Data bits: 7 or 8 bit programmable

Parity programmable: Even, odd or none (with 1 or 2 stop bit)

Address programmable: 1-255 programmable

Distance: 1200 Metres

Terminal resistor: 150 Ohm at last unit




The meter will be scaled and set exactly to your requirements


* Regarding the relays, specify the parameters they refer to, along with is it a “Low” or “High” trip, latched or non latched, any delay times or hysteresis required per relay. If a pulse output is requested specify pulse length required (100mSec typical) and pulse rate to the counts.

** Specify to which measured parameter the analogue output is to be assigned to.


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