QI-POWER-485-300 300 Amps/800VAC or 400 Amps/1000VDC, QI-POWER-485-300-LV 300 Amps/80VAC or 400 Amps/100VDC


  • Primary current 0-300 Amps AC or 400 Amps DC
  • Voltage up to 800VAC or 1000VDC
  • Voltage up to 80VAC or 100VDC (LV version)
  • Universal AC 1-400Hz or DC measurement
  • Output RS485 MODBUS RTU with over 200 registers
  • Measures Volts, Current, Watts, VAr, VA, Voltage Peak Current Peak, Hz, COS, KWh import, KWh export, THD
  • Class 0.5 accuracy (voltage, current, active power)
  • TRMS measurement
  • Screw mounting or Din rail mounting
  • Fast response time
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The QI-POWER-485-300 and QI-POWER-485-300-LV are moulded case high accuracy “CT” style universal DC or AC multi parameter energy meters and are galvanically isolated from the measuring circuit. The “CT’s” have a primary current range of 0-300 Amps AC or 0-400 Amps DC and for voltage up to 800VAC or 1000VDC (LV version 80VAC or 100VDC).

The “CT’s” are equipped with RS485 MODBUS RTU communications. Measuring parameters include Volts, Peak Volts, Current, Peak Current, Watts, VAr, VA, Hz, COS, KWh import, KWh export & THD.

Via the RS485 the “CT’s” are fully configurable with the aid of free software supplied. For example response / filtering times can be configured, along with minimum current and power thresholds (below these values the device cuts off and the measured value is zero. The Baudrate is selected via dip-switches.

The “CT’s” require a supply voltage of 9 to 30VDC and has an internal aperture size of 33mm Dia.

The principle of putting in primary turns on CT’s to reduce the primary current range also applies to these current transformers.

Supply voltage: 9 to 30VDC

Power consumption: <1.3 W

@ 25ºC up to 200 Hz Class 0.5 (I, V, W)
Frequency +/-0.1Hz

Resolution: 12 bit

Temp coefficient: <200 ppm/ºC

Operating temp: -15ºC to +65ºC

Humidity: 10-90 %RH

Output: RS485 MODBUS RTU

Baudrate: 1200….115200 Baud

Sampling rate: 11K samples per second

Input impedance: 1M Ohm +/-1%

Mounting: Screw or Din rail

Dip switch: 2 way

Max measurement range:
300 Amps AC or 400 Amps DC, 800VAC or 1000VDC
80VAC or 100VDC (LV version)

AC frequency range: 1-400Hz

Measuring parameters: Volts, Peak Volts, Current, Peak Current, Watts, VAr, VA, Hz, COS, KWh import & export, THD min & max each reading

3KV current measurement
4KV voltage measurement
On an uninsulated conductor

Via yellow LED
Supply voltage present - steady
Data communicating – flashing

Terminals: 4 way & 2 way removable plug


QI-POWER-485-300-LV (Low Voltage version)



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