3800 (Hour counter 48x24mm), 3801 (Hour counter 48x48mm), 3810 (Pulse counter 48x24mm), 3811 (Pulse counter 48x48mm)


  • Choice of bezel size
  • IP65 sealed fronts (without front reset)
  • IP54 sealed fronts (with front reset)
  • Optional IP65 gaskets
  • Choice of reset options
  • Seven digits, 7mm high
  • High shock & vibration resistance
  • High visibility LCD display
  • Screw terminal connection
  • Supplied with retaining clip
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The 38XX series of seven digit counters are available in both hour or pulse counters and feature 7mm high digits. A choice of 48x24mm or 48x48mm front bezel sizes are available. All types are available with or without reset, if reset is required a choice can be made between a front manual reset button combined with a remote electrical reset input, or with the remote electrical reset only.

Counting range:
9999999 ops
7 digits, 7mm high

Supply voltages:
24VAC/DC, 110-240VAC (±10%)
12-24VDC, 24-48VDC (±25%)

Frequency: 50/60Hz

Current: 2-15mA

Count speed:
Max 10Hz, AC or AC/DC units
Max 30Hz, DC units

Protection class:
IP65 front, (without front reset)
IP54 front, (with front reset)

Temp range: -30ºC to +70ºC

Vibration resist: 20g to SAEJ1378 1g (10-500Hz), to EN60068-2-34

Shock resist: 55g to SAEJ1378 30g (18mSec), to EN60068-2-27

Approvals: CE, UL

Terminations: Screw

Special P/No’s & prices apply

Round glass cased units, front bezel size 56mm diameter

Push on terminals 6.3x0.8mm

Variation of decimal point, hour counters only

Prescaler and multiplier options on pulse counters

Higher Hz input speeds on pulse counters

Hour Counter:-

3800.*. / 12-24VDC, 24-48VDC, 24VAC/DC, 110-240VAC
3801.*. / 12-24VDC, 24-48VDC, 24VAC/DC, 110-240VAC

Pulse Counter:-

3810.*.1.**.0.2 / 12-24VDC, 24-48VDC, 24VAC/DC, 110-240VAC
3811.*.1.**.0.2 / 12-24VDC, 24-48VDC, 24VAC/DC, 110-240VAC

* Insert “1” for without reset.
* Insert “2” for with electrical reset.
* Insert “3” for with electrical and manual reset.

** Insert “1” for DC voltages pulse counters.
** Insert “7” for AC/DC and AC voltages pulse counters

IP65 48x24mm gasket
IP65 48x48mm gasket



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