670.6.*.1 (Hour counter), 670.6.*.2 (Pulse counter), 672.6.*.1.*.2 (Combined hour counter & pulse counter)


  • DIN rail mounted
  • Hour counters
  • Pulse counters
  • Combined hour counter & pulse counter
  • IP65 sealed (without reset button)
  • Universal supply 12-150VDC & 24-240VAC
  • Very low power consumption
  • High shock & vibration resistance
  • Seven digits, 5mm high
  • High visibility LCD display
  • IP20 screw terminals
  • Data EEprom stored (25 years)
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Din rail seven digit digital hour counters and pulse counters with the option of a combined hour and pulse counter. These counters benefit from the latest ASIC technology which affords ultra low power consumption. The counters have a universal supply voltage of 12-150VDC and 24- 240VAC. It is possible to specify the counters with or without reset, if a reset is required this can be either by a remote electrical input, or combined with a sunken manual pushbutton. The combined unit is only resetable via the manual sunken pushbutton, this can be specified on one or both of the registers.

Counting range:
9999999 ops

AC Voltages: 12-150VDC & 24-240VAC (universal ±10%)

Frequency: 50/60Hz

Current: 100uA to 3mA

Count speed: Max 10Hz

Pulse length: Min 5mSec (count & reset)

Vibration resist: 1g (10-500Hz), to EN60068-2-34

Shock resist: 30g (18mSec), to EN60068-2-27

Protection class:
IP65 without reset
IP40 with reset

Temp range: -10ºC to +70ºC

CE marked: Yes

Terminations: IP20 protected screw

670.6.*.1/12-150VDC & 24-240VAC (Hour counter)
670.6.*.2/12-150VDC & 24-240VAC (Pulse counter)

* Insert “1” without reset.
* Insert “2” with electrical reset.
* Insert “3” with manual and electrical reset.

672.6.*.1.*.2 / 12-150VDC & 24-240VAC (Combined counter)

* Insert “1” without reset.
* Insert “2” with manual reset.
(First insertion is for the hour counter. The second insertion is for the pulse counter. It is possible to have reset on just one counter or on both counters).


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