Foxtam Electronic Timers

Electronic timers or mechanical timers are relay based devices that can start or stop an industrial or commercial process, system, or a machine after a predetermined time interval. Examples where on/off time schedules may be useful include, motors and conveyors, heating and cooling systems, lighting and security systems.

Foxtam Controls stocks a comprehensive range of DIN rail mount and plug-in electronic and analogue timers including: Interval timers , Delay timers, Delay on timers, Delay off timers, True delay off timers, Mechanical override timers, Multi-time range multi-function timers, Thyristor & Triac delay timers, Star delta timers, Asymmetrical cyclic timers and many more.

The effective use of electronic timers can help save energy and reduce business overheads by ensuring that machinery and equipment are only activated for the time required. From the simplest of electronic timers controlling a singular system, to a true delay off timer using an internal capacitive controlled relay, to multifunction timers. Foxtam Controls has them all. Contact us today to discuss your electronic and mechanical timer requirements.

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